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New version Firewall VPN Protector 32.0 Released

New software version for both hardware and virtual firewall Appliance Protector UTM.

Please click the video below for demonstration of the new functionality.

The new features in Version 32 includes:

This gives the user high uptime when connecting multiple units together.

If one unit fails there will still be a backup of all data and configuration on the other unit  it will route traffic automatically.

You can connect more then 2 units together for maximum stability, security and Protection.

High Availability Upgrade

  • Automatic setup of Master Client Firewall Protector.
  • New routing of network traffic automatically of Master unit.
  • Automatic routing of traffic to Client Firewall when there is a network fault or a Master Firewall failure.
  • Connect many clients to a master.
  • Duplication of configuration from the master unit on client units automatically.
  • Automatic module restart when a configuration changes.
  • Automatic database upgrade.
  • New easy to use menu.

UTM VPN improvements:

  • Easily block entire IP/CIDR blocking: Both for incoming / outgoing traffic no matter of the IPs.

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