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New Powerful Protector V46 Release

Protector UTM Firewall 46.0

New Software Images ready for download.

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Hyper-V, ESXi, VMware Player, Linux G4L.

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Download - Protector V46.0 Release Notes

  • New High Speed Web server installed on 64 bit units.
  • New High Speed SQL Backend on 64 bit units.
  • License activation improved.
  • High Availability Improvement: The default firewall settings improved for the HA feature.
  • Avoid that the Firmware Update popup appears on new units, while the license is activating.
  • Improvement in the Antispam SPF feature, to block mail with invalid SPF record.
  • Antispam rules files are now overwriting any old rules files existing in the Protector.
  • High Availability improvement: When Client and Master gave different system features (32 and 64 bit), the client may show a bad DBMS status.
  • MCP improvement: The input fields have been moved to the top.
  • Anti Spam: Improved User Login.
  • Anti Spam: new option to hide clean and whitelisted mails.
  • New feature Google Authentication to implement the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) in the login process.
  • SCADA checks added to the IPS system.

SecPoint Protectror v460 SPF Management from secpoint on Vimeo.

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