New SecPoint Protector V56 UTM Firewall

The new SecPoint Protector V56 Firewall software update has been released. 


ew SecPoint Protector V56 with more than 39 updates.

Main New features:

  • Wireguard High Speed Cross Platform VPN Technology.
  • Improved Anti Spam configurations and features.
  • Improved easy setup with Protector DHCP mode.
  • Overall improvements.

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For November: VMWare player/esxi, MS Hyper-V, Linux G4L November 2020 Software Images with SecPoint Protector V56.

SecPoint Protector UTM Firewall 56.0 - November 2020

  • Option to edit the text of the mail that is sent when a message is blocked to quarantine due to bad attachment.
  • Mail Archiver: added option to release attachments.
  • Added check on sendmail certificate key length (at least 2048 bytes required).
  • Kernel version is displayed in the right side panel.
  • Factory Reset - small message box has been enlarged.
  • Special characters allowed in MCP rules.
  • Fixed problem with timezone setting, that caused the UTC time be used by default.
  • Changed link to the latest Protector firmware on
  • Removed login to Lounge.
  • New option to disable sendmail client renegotiation, due to security threat.
  • Management of chain certificate for sendmail.
  • HA: Added text to better explain that some data is only copied every 2 hours, not in real time.
  • Fixed SMTP online check, that was performed on port 25 even if port 25 was disabled.
  • Anti Spam: added support for OLE attachments.
  • Fixed Eset activation issues when the firewall is active.
  • Improved Hide Message Content.
  • Auto White Listing management.
  • Fixed occasional issue when activating the 2FA authentication.
  • Added DHCP client configuration, active by default after a factory reset.
  • Setup wizard simplified. Added more scenario images. Wizard opens automatically after initialization
  • Faster license activation after initialization.
  • Removed popups shown after unit initialization factory reset.
  • In Shutdown-Reboot, the error message has been turned into an Informational.
  • DMZ image has been updated with the latest appliance image.
  • New AI menu, that opens existing pages in Bayes and IPS setup.
  • Added new Wireguard VPN module.
  • The latest version of clamav has been installed.
  • Blocked unnecessary services/ports.
  • Check on kernel version has been added to System Status.
  • TOR has been added to the list of blocked applications.
  • Improved and faster boot process.
  • Traffic Shaper renamed to QoS.
  • RBL: after changing sensitivity level or restoring default scores, the user-added RBLs were deleted.
  • .htaccess file changed to avoid browser caching.
  • DHCP in factory reset.
  • Fimrwareupdate info improved.
  • Wizard fixed.
  • WIreguard detection.
  • Fixed static ip jumping from dhcp.