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New Awesome Protector UTM Firewall Appliance 30.5

New Powerful UTM Firewall software just got upgraded

Click here for Protector V30.5 Release Notes

It is recommended to upgrade to the new version.

You can upgrade a live system without having to reboot.

  • Improved system status notifications - now even more user friendly output.
  • Showing "Outgoing Mail" text turned in the System Status - See the status of Outgoing Mail easily.
  • Improved System Load chart - Easily see your overall system load and find out if you are running high performance.
  • Terminal Console: Change IP address easily - You can now change the IP address of the UTM Firewall from the console via a keyboard locally onsite easily. 
  • If you do not have access to the web interface you can do it locally via a keyboard.
  • Terminal Console: Change admin password
  • Improved Lan-to-Lan VPN - IPSec support and SSL VPN.
  • Web Security: Block domains easily by keywords - Put specific words in to block content sites based on the identified keywords this way you can block sites that is trying to trick the system with proxy etc.
  • Web Security: New LDAP Windows Server 2003 / WS2003R2, WS2008 compatibility.
  • LDAP authentication: new LDAP Control Panel with Green/Red indicators easily see when there is an active LDAP connection or if there is a connection problem with the username or password.

And even more points. Please consult the full release document for full information.