New Protector UTM Firewall V40 Improved Features

High performance up to 50% faster mail scanning

Higher Spam catch rate and lowest false rating possible up to 50% faster scanning.

The new Protector UTM Release 40 features the new Next Generation RBL engine for Anti Spam.

It provides best spam catch rate with the less amount of false positives.

Next Generation RBL Anti Spam for accuracy

The new next generation RBL Anti Spam engine takes advantage of optimized performance and score rate.
This will give up to 50% faster and more accurate Anti Spam mail scanning

Upgrade your Protector today to take advanced of the Next Generation Anti Spam RBL engine with increased performance.

Watch the new Protector V40 release video below to see the new changes in the firmware.

Anti Spam improvements

  • New easily handle RBL Customization
  • Bigger Spam scanning size
  • Improved base RBL list for high catch rate and less false positives.
  • New URIDNSBL find bad URLS inside message.
  • Add your own RBL.


  • SMTP server failover capability for increased uptime.
  • Optimized SMTP Configuration all done in 1 page.
  • Completely disable signature, to avoid digitally singed emails are reported as altered


  • 50% cpu reduction increased performance
  • Network bandwidth reduction for increased performance

Added 4 new HD Support VIdeos

  • RBL HD Support video.
  • URI DNSBL HD Support video.
  • Digitally Signed mailed HD Support video.
  • SMTP Failover HD Support video.

How to get the new Firmware upgrade?

You can upgrade your existing installations to the new version easily from the interface.

If you are still running the 32 Bit version it is recommended to upgrade to the 64 Bit.