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Thousands of companies admit swapping of data with NSA and the Prism Program.

Recently it was even revealed NSA spying on the French president and the leads of several other European countries.

The question is if you can trust a Security Product coming from a location that is admitted to install backdoors and spy on third party sites.

At SecPoint we do not collect any data from the customer location.

There is no data being sent back such as sensitive data, statistics, performance information.

Our policy is to not collect any data from the customer site

To find out more about policy you are welcome to contact us directly.

A new era of Big Brother Society has emerged in the dawn of terrorism that draws straws to Stasi in east Germany.

- June, 2013 Edward Joseph Snowden reveals secret PRISM spy Program

- Bloomberg, June 2013 - U.S. Agencies Said to Swap Data With Thousands of Firms




Can you still trust your IT Security Provider?


SecPoint was founded in 1999 in Denmark as a private independent company.


SecPoint takes Privacy very seriously and are in no way affiliated with any Governments, Intelligence Agencies such as (NSA, CIA or any other agency), Big Corporations.


There has been rumors and recently leaked Top Secret programs such as Prism that is forced by several governments and agencies to have direct access to software, hardware, wire tapping including Security Products.


This allows them to spy on all the data without a warrant or the users even knowing about it.


SecPoint Products:


Protector - UTM Firewall


Penetrator - Vulnerability Scanner


Portable Penetrator - Wifi Auditor


Cloud Penetrator – Web Vulnerability Scanner


All SecPoint products comes with NO Government backdoors and are closed by design.


We at SecPoint can not even access the products remotely doing support without being granted access.

We are not affiliated with any governments enforcing backdoors in our software. 

For more information contact SecPoint.