ICT Vakdag SecPoint Pictures

Demonstrating the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner - UTM Firewall Appliance at the Dutch Exhibition. 

Secure your business from local and incoming attacks to your network.

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You can also request evaluation hardware or software to test your network for vulnerabilities.

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SecPoint shown as the #1 IT Security Vendor at ICT Vakdag with the new innovative offerings on the UTM Firewall appliance Protector.

Several live tests where conducted using the Wifi Penetrator in order to audit wireless WEP WPA WPA2 WPS encrypted networks.

Best IT Security Products for ICT in the Netherlands Europe

Customers could see how the products in live environments and how they can secure their entire networks in a powerful but easy way.

If you missed the ICT Vakdag exhibition feel free to contact us for a Webex session or in order to get an online demo of our products.

Be sure to join the ICT Vakdag next year for even more exciting product demonstrations.

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Come and test the best and most powerful 64 Bit high powered Network Security products.

The 64 Bit UTM Firewall has multi core network processing support to improve data scanning speed at all times.

The 64 Bit architecture allows easily the use of 8 or 16  Gigs of ram for maximum high capacity processing.

The Penetrator 64 Bit Vulnerability Scanner gives the support to scan from small 5-10 IP address networks up to 5000  IP address networks.

It comes with high capacity processing and support.

You can get the best high tech products as hardware appliances or virtual software.

Virtual software support for Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, Player/Workstation, Raw Linux ISO Images.