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Botnet rent out at 5.99US$

According to VeriSign, a popular authentication firm, botnets are increasing continuously as of the latest. And, it was discovered that any individual can make use of the botnet as it can be found anywhere in the online market. In addition, the harmful services turn out to be more affordable that anyone can hire it at a very economical rate.

Hire a botnet at a reasonable price

As seen by the iDefense division of the authentication service, these botnets are being spread around by the crooks through the different forums in the web. It was observed by the experts that these dangerous botnets, which are used in carrying out online assaults, may be hired at an hourly rate of £5.99.
The botnets are becoming widespread and less costly, as stated by the verification company. Hence, they immediately informed the online users that this evident rise in number of botnets may lead to more complicated assaults that can be launched even by the low-ranked sources.

Shutting down systems is more than possible

Rick Howard, the director of intelligence of the VeriSign iDefense, said that the agencies should take extra caution when handling their sensitive web applications since these can be shut down when a hired botnet is utilized. Rent of a destructive botnet charges about £5.99 for every hour of use. And, it can also be seen that the botnet is inexpensive as it has a similar price range with that of a memory stick or a DVD.

Harming computers is done through intricate methods

The authentication firm VeriSign did a thorough examination on about 25 botnets found in three of the web forums. And, it was found out that renting a botnet for a day would cost an individual more or less £45. The type of attack vectors being used by the botnets when attacking computers are the following: SYN, UDP, HTTP, ICMP, and HTTPS.

Similar tactics in upholding botnets is obvious

Conventional advertising strategy is used by the criminals in endorsing their malicious products in the online forums. These individuals even make use of the banner advertising. It can be considered that this illegal trade continues to flourish today in a more complicated manner.