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SecPoint Penetrator Autonomous Sonar Robot

The new Vulnerability Scanner Autonomous Sonar Robot  module is now available for the SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner.

With the new Autonomous Sonar Robot it is possible to automatically sweep any local or public network. Easily set up new scanning profile template with the desired IP ranges to monitor.

Then it will be possible for the SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner by intervals of 5, 10, 15, 20 mins to scan and detect new devices.

The limitation with traditional Vulnerability Scanning schedules are shown when they are limited to Daily, Weekly, Specific date or Quarterly scans.

If a new malicious or non malicious device that just leaks sensitive data is connected to a network it wont be detected. It could be an accounting person connecting a laptop to check do the company bookings not knowing the laptops has open shares leaking sensitive data.

Or it could be a blackhat attacker connecting a laptop with scanning tools and exploits. No matter which kind of device is connected the Penetrator can automatically detect it and perform a full vulnerability scan VAPT with AI machine learning capabilities. After this the administrator of the Penetrator will automatically get notified and have full control of any vulnerable devices entering the network.

If the administrator detects a device leaking sensitive data or poses or risks or threats the administrator can take swift action fast. 

By knowing more faster that a new unauthorized device is connecting potentially causing harm to the network or leaking sensitive data the administrator can block it off or secure it fast.

The SecPoint Penetrator uses advanced techniques to discover new devices even if they are trying to hide from discovery on the network.

It is recommended to enable the Autonomous Sonar Robot on any high priority network to fast detect unauthorized devices connecting.