SecPoint Penetrator 48 – June 2020

-Progress and Risk information

The old Status field has been split into Progress, which provides information about the progress of a vulnerability scan, and Risk, which informs about

the risk level

of a scan/target.

This information is available in


the Scan list on the home page and in the Target list, which opens clicking on a scan name to get detailed information about a scan.

While a scan is running, the information about the Risk may change over the time, until the scan has not completed. If the scan cannot be performed on a target, for example when the node is offline, the Risk is displayed as N.A. (Not Available).

-Fast Launch

When it’s not necessary to add or alter the default settings that a profile has assigned to a scan, it’s possible to launch a scan without entering the Advanced Settings page. This option is available for New and Repeated scans, but is not available for Schedule scans and Templates.

The new option is available in the Targets page, when creating a new scan. When finished adding all targets, you may choose to click on

and start the scan immediately, or click on


Penetrator 48 Firmware release

and enter the page from where you can alter the advanced settings for each target in the scan.

In the Advanced settings, the Password field is hidden by default and becomes visible clicking on the small icon in the field itself.

-Report Download

Some new features make downloading reports easier and faster.

The first improvement allows to download all the scan reports at once as a .zip file. This function is available in the floating menu of a scan on the home page. It will download all the reports already available, without generating them again.

The second improvement is the option to choose pre-defined time ranges when downloading reports. This function is

available in menu Vulnerability Scanner > Download Reports. Here it’s possible to choose among the following options: Current Week, Current month, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Dates From-To.


All the reports in the chosen date range will be downloaded in a single .zip file.

-Privacy Page

A new page informs about what type of information is collected by the Penetrator, according to the current settings or to the general behavior of the Penetrator. The

page is visible in menu Support > Privacy.

Here a read-only page shows a list of privacy topics and a status, that indicates whether that kind of information is

collected and sent to SecPoint or not.




-AI counter with the number of scans processed with AI - added to the right-side panel

-More fields (scan name, scan date) added to the list of AI- processed targets

-The Profile name is displayed in the last page before launching the scan

-In User management, allow to enter a description along with the hostname

-Allow deletion of templates even if used in scans

-Some system messages classified as Error have been reclassified to Information

-Icons in the floating menu on the home page have been resized to fit the menu

-New HTML layout for the notification mail that is sent after a scan

-Multiple email addresses are accepted for user accounts

-New icon for performance index in the right side panel

-New check to avoid the process that deletes interrupted scans to be launched multiple times

-A mail is sent to [email protected] when a scan terminates by an abnormal event

-Discovery of online nodes has been improved for scans on the


-Overall Security Level turned into Overall Risk Level in report (including all languages)

-A Command List is added on top of all tables, identical to the one at the bottom

-Removed "THE" in the product icon

-Japanese language added to Reports

Bug fixes

- After a range scan, the list of IPs found is not accepted in a new vulnerability scan


-When non-admin users clicked Account Settings, they were logged out

-The /adminpassword password reset did not work properly

-Sometimes vulnerabilities could not be marked/unmarked as False Positives

-Improved login page