Empowering Data Privacy: Unveiling Transparency in SecPoint's Products

SecPoint Cyber Security products, including the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner and the Protector UTM Firewall Software & Appliance, prioritize user data privacy. 

Users can expect clear transparency regarding privacy, access, and data collection. 

Both the SecPoint Penetrator and Protector feature a Privacy Menu that provides a comprehensive overview of the collected data.

The following elements are permanently disabled:

  •     Data collection in the event of system errors
  •     Collection of statistical data
  •     Collection of usage data
  •     IP address collection
  •     MAC address collection of NIC cards
  •     MAC address collection of WiFi adapters
  •     Collection of unit configuration data
  •     Collection of metadata
  •     Sharing of collected data with third parties
  •     Collection of information about user accounts and logins
  •     Collection of Wi-Fi scans and related data
  •     Collection of Scan distribution logs
  •     Collection of system MAC Address
  •     AI Machine Learning data collection


Only the following can be collected if enabled by the user in the Privacy Menu:

  •     Data collection in case of abnormal scan termination
  •     Collection of false positives data for Quality Control
  •     Both can be disabled within the privacy menu.


Users also have the option to deploy their own Linux kernel and obtain root access to the system, allowing them to monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic.

SecPoint's unwavering commitment to data privacy is exemplified by the meticulous controls embedded in the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner and Protector UTM Firewall Software & Appliance. 

This proactive approach empowers users to make informed decisions regarding their data.

Furthermore, the SecPoint team continuously strives to enhance user understanding by offering comprehensive resources and FAQs, ensuring that users are not only equipped with powerful cybersecurity tools but also with the knowledge to wield them effectively.

Upon the release of a new firmware update, users can access a detailed changelog, providing full transparency about any changes and updates. 

For more information about utilizing the privacy transparency features of the SecPoint Penetrator & Protector, please visit https://www.secpoint.com.