Protector 54 Firmware release

Protector 54 – March 2020

-640 Million bad IP block

A new function has been added in the Firewall menu to easily block a list of over 640 Million IP addresses known to be source of malicious traffic.

To block these IP addresses at once, open menu Firewall > Block 640 Million Bad IPs. A page will open with an on/off option. Enable the option, press OK and the bad IPs are immediately blocked.

Bad IPs can be blocked even if the firewall is not active


Protector 54 Firmware release

The list of bad IPs is updated daily and is independent on the list of IPs that can be blocked in the Firewall. If you want to block more IPs or CIDRs than those blocked through this function, use the Block IP/CIDR function in the Firewall.

The list at the bottom of the page shows the whole set of blocked IPs.

-More 1-click blocked Apps

More applications have been added to this useful functions. In the 1-click Application Block it is now possible to block Skype and Whatsapp.

This function, available through menu Application Block, shows a list of applications grouped by category. Choose the applications you want to block, click on the icon and at the end don’t forget to restart the Protector routing by clicking on the warning that appears at the top of the page.



Protector 54 Firmware release

-Network adapters on the Dashboard

The Protector allows to configure all the available network adapters, with no difference between hardware and virtual versions. Regardless of your Protector version, the Dashboard now shows the image of a Protector appliance with the network adapters in a color that indicates if the adapter is used or not.

If the network adapter is used, it will be displayed in light green. If it’s not used or does not exist, the color will be dark blue. The image updates in real time.

-Improved Backup

The Backup function has been improved with the purpose to work seamlessly with large databases. A new algorithm and a new compression library have been used to reduce the amount of memory used during the backup process and the amount of disk used by the backup file itself.



Protector 54 Firmware release


-A Low Memory indicator has been added to the System Status

-New option in the system console to disable operating system swap

-New option to add the whole mail subject to MCP

-Antispam: confirmation and change password Emails have been improved by adding the domain name instead of IP address

-New GUI for Disclaimer

-New Banner for mail archiver

-IPS: “GPL SNMP public access udp” and “GPL SNMP public access tcp” turned OFF by default in factory reset

-PPTP VPN: added text to inform about the need to open port 1723

-Mail Settings: Mail Servers and Relay Servers tabs moved as tabs 1 and 2

-Firewall turned ON by default in factory reset

-Greylist turned OFF by default in factory reset

-Fix: Web filter was not blocking https if there was more than 1 network in the main filter

-Fix: The Esets renewal process did not complete successfully when multiple licenses are available

-Fix: In some cases, the Web Filter did not restart and showed the restart clock forever

Mail Archiver:

-The "Select ALL" option has been removed from Message Operations

-Sometimes the search option did not respect the Active Filters

-Fixed filter by "Date greater than or equal to"

-Fixed check on blacklisting sender's relay server, that caused a false "cannot blacklist your own server" error

-Fixed CIDR input in the advanced Black/White listing