Bush family secrets revealed by Guccifer

Why would anyone hack the their computers? What possibly could they be looking for?

The hacker, identifying himself (or herself) as Guccifer, wrote things and shared information about the Bushes that are not meant for public knowledge.

One of such information is that President George W. Bush likes to paint images of himself while taking a bath.

(the father) or  former president George W. Bush

(the son)? Well, both. Former president George Herbert W. Bush was the 41st president of the United States of America  while former president George W. Bush was the 43rd.

They are no longer at the political  limelight now but would you believe that they and the other members of their family’s computers got hacked?

It was said that the hacking attacks occurred from 2009 to 2012.

Among the information that were stolen from the Bushes were usernames, passwords, photos, cell phone numbers, home addresses, and confidential letters.

At least six email accounts of the Bushes were hacked which included Dorothy Bush Koch, Willard Hemmingway, Jim Nantz, the brother of Barbara Bush (former first lady), and the sister in law of former president George Herbert W. Bush.

Based on the information shared by Guccifer

On the Internet, Willard Hemmingway ( a friend of former president George H. W. Bush.) and Jim Nantz (a sports caster) had been golf buddies for quite some time now.

The hacker also shared information about the health condition of former president George H. W. Bush in November (based on the hacked email of Neil Bush).

Guccifer also got access to the email of the of former president George H. W. Bush’s chief of staff to the Bushes which stated that a funeral team would convene and that they would discuss the necessary details.

This email insinuated that former president George H. W. Bush was having some problems with his health last December.

In line with this situation the intercepted email of former president George W. Bush stated that he thought making a eulogy speech is too early, but since most of the family members urged him to do so, he would like to ask for some help from them.

He even stated that he was doing this because the family would rather have him deliver the eulogy rather than bubba.

Bubba? Well, Guccifer was also able to find out that the term “bubba” referred to former president Bill Clinton.