Scan my Website for Vulnerabilities easily

It may look like you have saved yourself some money and solved your problem, at first.

Trial removal tools are not as reliable and trustworthy as they appear to be.

They leave many crucial areas un scanned and do not provide active protection against incoming threats.

Before downloading a free cleaner, it is important to know some of the facts that these companies manage to leave out.

The majority of the free and trial anti-spyware programs are merely a way for the company that made it to market their 'Professional' version of the program, which is not free.

With many of the programs I have used, I received half-services.

What I mean by half-services is that you may be able to scan for unwanted applications, and sure enough the scan will find some, but when it comes time to delete it, the trial program directs you to their website to purchase the full version in order to be able to remove the files.

Read about our Cloud Penetrator Web Vulnerability Scanner here.

Others let you delete the malicious content, but leave out the active protection software, which protects you from applications before they enter your computer.

Since the free cleaners are merely marketing strategies, many of them do not provide adequate services.

Free software will give you a false sense of security, but actually leave you no better off than you were before.

Many of them do not adequately scan your computer for infections.

They leave crucial areas un scanned, therefore leaving your computer at risk.

In my opinion, being able to scan but not being able to delete it is as ineffective as it comes. A

very crucial part to any program is to be able to protect you from infections before they get into your computer and do damage.

Trial versions do not provide active protection against threats, making them highly ineffective at keeping your security safe.

For example say you go on the Internet to you favourite shopping website just to look around and you click a link that sends you to a third-party website that has harmful downloads.

The website is offering downloadable coupons and you can't resist saving money, so of course you download them.

Then you go back to the shopping website and make a purchase using your credit card.

Well those downloadable coupons may have had privacy-invasive software embedded in them, and now someone has your credit card number.

All within minutes, your privacy is no longer private, and the scan you just ran 30 minutes ago is useless.

It is better to use a professional cleaner and be sure that your privacy is secure.

You will thank yourself for the peace-of-mind it provides.

In addition, you will be confident when shopping or paying bills that you are protected.

The ease-of-access and features of quality anti-spyware software is well worth the investment.

Be wary when using free software because they are not free, and can come at a much higher cost to you in the long run.