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Survey reflected the opinion of the People

The survey was conducted from February 7 up to February 11 of this year.  

1,021 respondents were interviewed online through the Research Now's Valued Opinion Panel and social media sample.

The respondents were asked identical questions.

Such questions were designed to encourage the respondents to give their opinion about certain cyber attacks as well as the government’s capabilities to thwart or intercept future cyber attacks.

Others were caused by religious faith (religious wars).

Still, others had something to do with the widening the sphere of influence, like the Cold War.

Recently, a survey was conducted and showed that most Americans think that cyber wars are likely to occur. 

The result of the survey showed that 60 % of the citizen’s of America

Showed support to the government’s increased effort and spending in order to protect the US against cyber attacks.

The survey also discovered that 93 % of the American respondents believe that the private business sectors  are  vulnerable to cyber attacks and that 95 % of the respondents think the agencies of the government are more vulnerable. 

The CEO and CTO of Tenable Network Security

In the end, Ron Gula commented that based on his interpretation of the survey results,  the people are expecting the government to provide a better defense strategy against future cyber attacks. He further added that people  also want the US Corporations to be vigilant and persistent in guarding their systems against cyber attacks.

In addition to such findings, the survey also reflected the people’s  belief   that public utilities are susceptible to cyber attacks.

Also, it showed that men are more supportive than women, when it comes spending money in order to train the country’s so-called cyber warriors.