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You are being tracked by your Smart Phone even when it is powered off

It is a great meta data that has given National Security Agency to work on the anti-social elements and the terrorists to shut down.

According to Ms. Dana Priest has explained the process

Of the National Security Agency’s officials to track on any cell phone any time in the real moment.

The most surprising fact through this movement is tracking of the phones are totally possible even when the customers have switched off their mobile phones or even removed their batteries.

It is actually the “No Escape Possible” policy in any manner.

The advanced link-up called “Real Time (RTRG) Regional Gateway “where in the intelligence officials can recuperate any amount of data, loaded or unloaded, confidential or seized documents are now possible to be located and traced in the real moment of time, irrespective of the location or the condition of the network of the phone, whether it is switched off or has its batteries removed.

If you recall the technique that was issued by NSA where Al-Qaeda elements were found out in September 2004 by the JSOC troops, the same is replicated in the higher order though.

This was the first shut down of anti-social and anti-national elements in Iraq.

Thanks to the NSA for the cross country initiative.

The same has been poised to get replicated but in the more advanced and integrated manner.

The Telecommunication organizations have been helping NSA to trace out the facts during powered off cellphone is through programs of Trojan Horses!

These programs which get disguised along with the routine work and routine updates sweep off the loop to gain immediate and direct access to millions of cell phone users, their personal identity, their work modulation, their target clients or business houses and much more.

According to Tim Cushing, AT&T and Verizon shall definitely accommodate FBI as well as NSA to keep these Trojans on the trash side by using such updated systems to curb security threats and major national threats to the nation conjointly!


According to the reports by the press on 13th November 2013,  originator of Wi-Fi hubs can efficiently record at least one thousand locations to track the unassociated or rogue original devices now.

So now you are watched even if you are no longer on Wi-Fi by any chance!