Portable Penetrator booting up on a Macbook Pro Mac OS X

Will the Portable Penetrator work on a Mac OS X Laptop ?

Such as a Macbook 12, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air

WiFi Password KEY Finder on Mac OS X operating system made easy.

WPA WPA2 WEP WPS Password finder with VMware Fusion software.

Discover if your WiFi networks are vulnerable and can be hacked by attackers easily.

The WiFi Penetrator software can run on the Mac OS X platform via the VMware Fusion or similar virtual platform.

High Speed WiFi Password Recovery on Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or Macbook

The professional WiFi Password Cracker software designed for Penetration Testing operation runs perfectly on a Mac OS X.

It will run via the VMware Fusion which is is high powered and very easy to install.

Once the Portable Penetrator WiFi Cracker Software is installed you can simple connect the WiFi USB adapter via a converter to USB C or via normal USB ports depending on the year of your Macbook model.

Once it is connected you can easily assign it to the VMware Fusion and Portable Penetrator for maximum WiFi Password cracking & Penetration testing capability.

If you need any help to configure the software on Mac OS X do not hesitate to contact our live chat support for fast help and support.

The Professional WiFi Cracker software running on Mac OS X produces PDF reporting you can deliver to your customer you carry out the Penetration testing for.
You can also customize the reports with custom name, company, watermark and logo.

This allows to integrate to the customer requirements.

The Macbook Pro lines support quad core i7 operation that can give improved cracking capability of up to 6000 cracks per second.

It comes loaded with high powered Word Lists up to 1.1 billion entries that can crack most common passwords.

It is also possible to upload custom made password files in local language or with special characters to optimize cracking operation process.

Connect the WiFi Adapter via the USB Port

You can perform pentesting on your own WiFi Access Point and see if it is vulnerable to attack.

Attackers can break into WiFi access points via different techniques such as WPS Attack, WPA Brute force attack.