Threat Track Security Cyber Espionage

These results show that the known data breach records might be majorly under reported whereas they are putting their customers and their partners at high risk.

Additionally, according to the survey, the similar organizations with not less than 600 employees are more prone to obtain an unreported malware breach, with 65% of these malware system analysis with these enterprises of this size for reporting the undisclosed data system breaches.

The independent (IBS) blind survey taking 200 security officials

Dealing with such malware analysis within the U.S. enterprises got conducted by the “Opinion Matters” group for operations of Threat Track (TTS) Security in the October month of 2013.

"While it has been discouraging seeing number of malware analysis who have been aware of such data breaches which enterprises have never disclosed, there is never a surprise that these breaches are happening in a continued fashion," explained Threat Track’s CEO Mr. Julian Waits.

"Every day, now and then malware goes more complicated and even sophisticated, and our U.S. enterprises get constantly targeted regarding cyber espionage IT campaigns from varied overseas competitors as well as their foreign governments.

This study shows that these malware analysis become acutely aware related to such threats which they face, and therefore many of the analysis do report success in their capacity to combat these cyber-attacks, also they point out varied deficiencies in the organization’s resources and system tools."

In the recent survey, these malware analysis have revealed the devices which are used by the members of their team of senior leadership which had got infected with the malware systems due to these executives:

• Visiting the pornographic websites (39%)

• Clicking on the malicious links in the phishing emails (55%)

• Allowing the family members for using the company-owned devices (43%) 

• Installing the malicious systems and mobile applications (32%) 

The study revealed malware analysis to state their opinions regarding government-sponsored performed cyber espionage.

37% of such respondents told that the United States is such a nation which is most adept in conducting such cyber espionage.

China got the close second with 33%.