Top 10 Hacker Countries to block in your Firewall

What are the most toxic hacker active countries?

A toxic hacker attack on your network has a list of top 10 origin countries.

The types of attacks can vary.

There are different types of attackers such as background attacks coming from worms or robots.

They are often looking for a few known vulnerabilities scanning millions of IPs until they find an open system to attack.

Afterwards it will infect the target and include it in a botnet.

There can also be other types of attacks where it is moving more into the criminal aspect.

This can be where experienced hackers get together and form a group.

Professional Criminal Hacker Gangs

Then on a professional scale go after large companies to break in and steal data.

Afterwards they will demand a ransom in the millions to not release the information to the public.

Ransomware attacks cost businesses, public sector such as Governements and hospitals billions of US$ in loss on a yearly basis.

It is recommended to start deploying strong anti hacker measures to avoid ransomware attacks.

1 - Russia

Often from here we see professional Hacker Gangs going after victims and doing blackmail afterwards.

They have been accused of being a safe habour for ransomware gangs as long as they are not hacking victims in their own country.


2 - China

A lot of automatic robot worms are coming out of China to add victims to botnets.


3 - Turkey

We see here professional Hacker Gangs growing in size.

They go more after SQL Injection flaws to quickly compromise a target to steal data.


4 - Brazil

Botnet activity and automatic scans.


5 - Bangladesh

Scanners for low level vulnerabilities.


6 - Pakistan

Scanners for common vulnerabilities that most victim have in the lower medium risk category.


7 - India

Not just limited to hacking activities but also large amount of call center scams.

Where they call people and trick them into sending them money.


8 - Nepal

Here a lot of botnet activity origins.


9 - Romania

Romania is popular for hacker gangs there was even a tv show called Hackerville about it on HBO from 2018.


10  - Afghanistan

More of the botnet type of activity