Top 10 UTM functionality

A unified threat management tool must be able to provide a range of different functions in order to be considered a success. There are a range of different kinds of UTM appliances available in the market, and network companies generally spend money depending upon their budget as well as the threat to security in order to get a strong UTM installed in place. However, in order to give a better idea to readers, here are the top 10 features that you can expect a good UTM appliance to have:   

1. Network Firewall

This goes without saying. Since a UTM appliance should be able to provide security of the highest order in all of the different departments, having a strong network firewall is probably the first option that you would be looking for your UTM device to have. Mostly all of the good UTM appliances that are available in the market come equipped with network firewalls.

2. Load Balancing features

Load balancing is an important feature of good network UTM products.

Basically, load balancing is a feature by which a UTM device distributes the work load on a number of different computing resources rather than keeping it focused at one point.

Commonly, computing resources are distributed over different computers, CPUS as well as disk drives.

This ensures that too much load isn't put on one single computer resource, which means that the chances of crashes are minimized.

3. Content filtering

Depending upon the filters that are set on the UTM appliance, it should be able to filter the content accordingly.

For instance, most of the companies generally prevent abuse or pornographic content from entering their networks, and a UTM should be able to provide content filtering services.

4. Gateway anti spam

Another one of the staple features that most UTMs should have; gateway anti spam features.

A gateway anti spam functionality ensures that spam isn't able to enter your network through the gateway at all.

The Unified Threat Management tool automatically discerns the spam and prevents it.

5. Network intrusion prevention

A good, solid UTM appliance should be able to prevent against any sort of intrusions that a company might face.

It should be able to have a very robust security module that should automatically detect threats and remove them without causing any sort of threat to the network itself.

6. Easy to use GUI

A good UTM should have an easy to use GUI.

Most of the popular UTMs come with a browser interface that makes them easily navigable and also allow users to make changes without much of a hassle.

7. Virus Scanner

A good UTM should have a built in virus scanning tool that should be able to run in the background and scan the computers in the network for any viruses or malware programs that might be present within.

8. Authentication

Almost all UTMs now require authentication for all IP protocols.

9. Real time updates

Good UTMs should be updated in real time in order to keep them secure.

10. Log server

A logging server should be created by the UTM in order to keep a log of every occurring change on a real time basis.

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