Trojans Most Common Malware Infection

It is reported that there are 31.98 percent (more or less 1/3) of the computers all over the world had been victimized by malware.

This should not be surprising because according to the report, there were 27 million types of malware created last year alone. Trojans still remain to be the most active malware, followed by viruses and worms as second and third respectively.

Are you having problems with your computer? Problems like your computer seem to have a mind of its own, firewall and antivirus programs are turned off automatically, unwanted pop ups just keep on coming, unknown icons can be found in your desktop and system trays, you are always redirected to a particular site, your homepage has been replaced by an unknown one, your computer’s speed is very slow whether online or offline.

If you have experienced most of these, chances are your computer has been infected by a malware.

But, don’t despair that much.

If it is in any consolation, almost one third of computers around the world are infected by malware. You are not alone.

Remote attackers prefer to infected unsuspected users by sending Trojans on email.

Tricking users to connect to malicious links to easily infect them with Trojans and Malware.

Attackers can then fully compromise the victims system without them even knowing it.

Their system can be used in sophisticated Bonets that are used to take down other targets or used to steal sensitive information from the victim.

This can be personal information, friends information, medical information, private sensitive pictures, banking information.

The details can be abused to blackmail the victim for financial gain.

Sophisticated attackers can even use the victim friends to pretend to be the victim.

Gain trust from the friends and then infect them with malware or trojans.

Malware is attackers & law enforcement

Favorite choice when compromising a target

Malware? Malware means malicious software.

This type of software is being created by hackers in order to get into a computer’s system to access pertinent information like usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and other important information.

A malware may come in the form of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, etc.

However, it is believed by some that worms, viruses and trojans  are the most rampant.

The countries who were heavily infected in 2012 were China, South Korea and Taiwan.

While those who have lesser cases of infection were Sweden, Switzerland and Norway.

In addition, the report also included forecasts involving cyber issues in 2013.

The Pandalabs report stated that hacking attacks against media companies and social networking sites will continue.

Also, gadgets using android operating systems will also be targeted by hackers. 

Lastly, the world will also witness a more advanced level of cyber espionage and cyber wars.