Windows VS Ubuntu who wins?

According to Dell, Ubuntu appears to be more secured compared to Windows when it comes to online safety.

This has already been proven as consumers of computers take on whatever services Linux has to offer.

Dell claimed that the Linux software has been very much secured and dependable for over 20 years of its existence.

And, this is also useful since Linux functions in different kinds of gadgets available today.

Protection has always been an issue

Dell stated on an article that the high-level of protection is among the ten different reasons why the company suggests that consumers should buy Linux-operated computers instead of those that have Windows operating systems, which is a product of the Microsoft Corporation.

Ubuntu has been found to offer a more protected environment compared to that of the Windows OS.

It appears to be this way since most of the malicious elements like virus and spyware are created specifically for the Microsoft product and Linux is left safe from any harm.

Low cost is confirmed for Linux

More advantages may be obtained if one would avail for a computer run by Linux, according to Dell.

Installing any anti-virus and anti-spyware programs for Ubuntu is no longer necessary.

On the other hand, pieces of protective software are necessary when using Windows OS for the computers and it will cause clients to spend more money for these applications.

Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft Corporation presents users with an anti-virus program that is free of charge and this is the Windows Defender.

It also has the Security Essentials service that adds protection from the many virus and spyware lurking online.

Computers can never be totally protected Additionally, it is not only the operating system and the programs that endanger the safety of the users.

The individuals utilizing Linux are also susceptible to catching unwanted malicious web constituents.

Zero-day security vulnerability was detected in Adobe’s System Flash 10 and this gravely influenced computers that functions with all three operating systems: Linux, Mac, and Windows.

This security hole allows the vicious criminals to have full control over a compromised computer system.