DNS Trojan in iPhone unlock program

New kind of device is currently being used by online thugs in order to take control of the internet connections of different computers with Windows as its operating system.

According to some security watchers, the new Trojan hides and masks itself as a tool that may be utilized in unlocking iPhones.

Even though this Trojan masquerades as an iPhone utility, this is not associated with the iPhone unit itself and only the Windows-operated computers are involved.

Scams begin with unwanted messages

Users might receive spam mails, which invites them to visit the site “iphone-iphone.info” and there will they become victims of this vicious tactic.

Various links are available on this domain where one can download blackra1n.exe, an executable file for Windows OS.

Never be fooled by inviting applications

This tool presents the user the chance of unlocking their iPhones.

However, the users do not receive this kind of benefit that they are actually expecting.

Their computer systems are damaged in such a way that the DNS settings of the affected Windows-operated PC are altered.

Thus, the hackers can take the control over the internet connections along the course.

Not as realistic as it may seem

Based on the statement made by a known Romanian anti-virus firm, BitDefender, the executable file was labeled as the Trojan-BAT-AACL.

In addition, the said malicious software appear as a component of a Windows batch file that is joined with the iPhone unlocking utility.

As explicated by BitDefender, the Trojan works by altering the chosen DNS server address into any of the numerous internet connections on the computers of the users.

Hence, online criminals may gain access into the victims’ computer systems and interrupt any calls being made in order to get to the desired internet websites.

The calls may also be passed on to the counterpart websites that contains malware.

Old techniques are just recycled

This kind of scam has already been utilized before so as to transfer the online users into fake online banking websites. 

And, today, the malicious software is created in order to affect the computers being run by Windows operating systems.

In this process, the web attackers may acquire benefit by receiving profits from other associates.

Never store sensitive data on smartphones

It is recommended never to store any sensitive data on any smart phones.

Smart phones can easily be unlocked by third parties such as government, the vendor of the smartphone or by forcing the victim to provide the code.

Never use your fingerprint as login

Agents can easily force a subjects finger on a phone to unlock via the fingerprint.

No matter how secure you think your smart phone

it can always be unlocked in one or another way.