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Here you can calculate the benefit of the UTM ROI

Find out your total cost for UTM Firewall Virtual or hardware appliance based on users.

The SecPoint Protector UTM Firewall do not lock on single users.

The appliances only have a recommended user count. It is based on throughput numbers and capacity of the hardware appliance.

If you are using the virtual edition it is based on the amount of vCPUs used.

So you can easily upgrade a virtual edition to a more powerful version.

Protector Firewall offers good value with its all in one single cost.

You get all modules included in the price including support and updates.

That includes Anti Spam with User quarantine - Anti Virus - Web Filtering - Intrusion prevention - Content Filtering - Vulnerability Scanning.

That way it is easy for the customer to arrange the budget when they only have 1 price to focus on.

Many other products the customer must pay extra for each module making the total cost more expensive for the customer and the partners.

How to be profitable on the Web Filter

VPN Firewall Appliance network.

Question Answer
Number of employees with internet access?
Minutes per day each employee uses internet for private purposes
Number of employees using email
Minutes to read and delete spam messages mails for each employee
Minutes each employee uses email for private purposes
Average income (wage) pro user / per hour


 Utm firewall Appliance 


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