Virtual Desktop coming to Anti Virus Office Scan

According to the latest report, Trend Micro was able to create the first security software for virtualized desktop infrastructures.

In addition, this new device was created in such a way that it can give full protection on the VDIs.

Virtual desktop now on the lead

The new product from Trend Micro was named as OfficeScan 10.5 and it was developed to cater for numerous users of virtual desktop. This innovation is very much unique from the traditional security software, which transmits security updates to desktop computers by batch.

OfficeScan 10.5 is sophisticatedly created since it separately launches each of the software updates and it scans the computer individually so as to decrease the load on the server.

This new product works well with both VMware View and Critix XenDesktop.

Issue on server overload always emerge

As said by Joerg Schneider-Simon, Trend Micros global product marketing manager, 9am issue still has an influence on the VDI environment since all the users log on at the same time in order to acquire software updates.

Hence, this always cause heightened load on the server.

The process being done in an attempt to decrease the time required in updating the whole VDI network is separation of the download of updates and desktop scanning instead of doing things all at once.

Schneider-Simon also added that one server can hold over 100 images.

This is greater than when updating all at once, which results to just about 70 images only.

Advancements should be done from time to time

Based on the statement made by the senior vice-president of Trend Micros datacenter and cloud division, Punit Minocha, their company is planning to shift to virtualized desktop environments because of the appearance of latest Microsoft operating system Windows 7. In addition, he stated that it was truly unpredicted when the concern over VDI was suddenly brought up.

But Minocha was able to tell the two reasons why it came to this point.

One, VDI turned out to be a tactical basis for financial conversation because of the advantages that server virtualization can offer. With this positive view, the chief financial administrators of the company also desire for similar effectiveness on desktop computers.

Another reason is that the company views that there is a need to improve both the software and hardware; hence, turning towards VDI may actually suffice for the needed enhancement.