Vodafone hacked by Turkish hackers

According to reports generated from Iceland broadcasting services, the attack was made on Vodafone on Saturday, and the company has also confirmed the same on Sunday. Vodafone is still denying that important information like credit card details and other important details has not been leaked.

Though, according to various sources, bank details and various other passwords have also been hacked by Turkish hackers. 

There is more bad news for Vodafone, various high profile ministers have their account with Vodafone


and their details have also been hacked, which also includes the data of prime minister.

Now hacking prime minister’s details is quite a big thing in Iceland, which is still having a population of 320,000.

Vodaphone vulnerable to hackers

Out of this small population, if the hackers have managed to hack more than 77,000 records, then this can be considered as massive breach.

Vodafone forced users to change password

It is recommended to use different passwords on different sites for security protection.

Once a sites gets compromised and taken down it wont effect your security on other sites.

Now, Vodafone has instructed their users to change their respective passwords, and they have also advised the users to change their social media passwords, because that can surely put them in a safety vault.

Vodafone has already suffered a huge blow from Turkish hackers, and they don’t want them to go deeper into their system and because of this threat, Vodafone is also upgrading their security measures.

Now let’s focus on the most interesting fact, Iceland is having a very small population of 320,000 and the population of hacked accounts is 77,000, which is still a very huge ratio. Though, sources have confirmed that most of the users are businesses not individual users.

We can only hope that Vodafone tightens the security because this might cause them a huge blow in coming future.