How to Avoid Getting Hacked by Vulnerabilities in Your Network

Don’t let a vulnerability in your server, computer or website enable malicious third parties to gain control of your system, install malware, and steal confidential details.

Vulnerabilities are Unavoidable

And, the more popular the software you use, the more likely it is subject to access and exploitation by intruders.
Also, the more connected services you have, the more potential for hackers to attack them.

For example, if you have an open port with a security hole, it is deemed a vulnerable service, and the hacker can start an attack.

Thankfully, you can use vulnerability scanning software to prevent these attacks.

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How Vulnerability Scanning Software Works

A vulnerability scanning software like Penetrator is a computer program that assesses local servers, computers, and websites, comparing the information it detects against known vulnerabilities in its database.

The systematic approach of [name of product] effectively detects weaknesses, including malicious code, that can exist on the software currently within your system.

Our vulnerability scanner uses a highly accurate testing system for an unbeatable comprehensive analysis, without overwhelming false positives.

You can even conduct more than one scan at once.

The unique scanner then provides a convenient assessment report of the findings to you.

Resolving the Issues

The scanning technology reveals vulnerabilities on network devices, databases, desktop apps, and more.

Once you know the existing flaws, you can then tighten the security of your business system, based on the reported results by the vulnerability scanner.

This process will keep hackers from exploiting any weaknesses, as well as helping your business to anticipate and avoid commonly-occurring vulnerabilities.
As you can see, it is imperative that your administrators scan your system for vulnerabilities, using an accurate tool like the Penetrator and then fixing the identified issues.

No company is immune to attacks by hackers, not even yours.

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