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Where can I find manual for HS-C3000 Plus


Where can I find the manual for HS-007 Plus?

The screen on my detector appears to be scratched?

Regarding screen , that  is the protection screen , so you can remove the protection screen when you use the device.



There is a screen protection label on detector, you have better to take it out when you use it .




Question about the HS-007 Plus

I had a question about the HS-007 Plus. Is there a frequency range for each of the 5 cellular lock functions that it searches?

Re: yes, but it is very small distance, as outpower is very low , only 0.5w.

If it is a range, what frequency band range is covered with the cellular lock function for each of the 5 presets?

Re: depends on local environment.

For instance - when the GSM 800/900 cellular lock function is locked is it locking and detecting the band range from 800 MHz all the way to 900 MHz or is it only the range from 800 MHz to like 824 MHz? Or is just 800 MHz?
Re:when you change to lock function, then detecting will not work,
Are you able provide what the MHz range is for each cellular lock presets below?
Re: depends your local environment,
LTE 2600 -
3g 2100 -
GSM - 1800/1900 -
GSM 800/900 -
LTE 700/800 - 

Detecting the emissions from a mobile phone in standby mode?


I'm interested in purchasing a product from your store. It's the HS C3000 Plus radio frequency detector, but I have a question. The question is whether it is capable of detecting the emissions from a mobile phone in standby mode.

Unfortunately it is not possible to detect in standby mode.


How to operate and use HS-007Plus Detector?

Please watch the Youtube Learning Video