How do WiFi Attackers compromise and break in to networks?

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Breaking of WEP WPA WPA2 Networks.

Blackhat wardriving attackers can attack a W-Fi network with different techniques. Sniffing of packages that will be used for cracking.

Sniffing of a WPA/WPA2 connection handshake for offline cracking. WPS WiFi Protected Setup Online or offline cracking.

It can be an advantage for attackers to do offline cracking of WPA/WPA2 or WPS since they are not forced to being at the target site.

Hackers utilize offline cracking of WiFi to cover their tracks

Attackers use different techniques such as WPA / WPA2 Bomb to disconnect users and after that capture the handshake which is vulnerable and can be brute forced.

Another popular way is when finding a Wi-Fi WPS WiFi Protected Setup enabled access Point is to carry out a PIN brute force attack. 

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