Wikileaks Vault 7 Deepstate C.I.A. Dump released

Vault 7 Part 1 Year Zero CIA Secret Hacking Tools leaked

Revealed via Wikileaks the C.I.A.are using incredible sophisticated hacking tools.

From the Wikileaks press release about Year 0 8761 documents being released.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017 Wikileaks started releasing the first day zero of the US C.I.A. Vault 7.

Biggest release of confidential documents ever from the C.I.A. ever recorded.

Snowden 2.0

Thanks to the whistle blower who some already refer to as Snowden 2.0 - 8,861 files where released "from an isolated high security network in the Center for Cyber Intelligence CIA facility in Langley, Virginia".

 CIA Wikileaks Vault 7 Release

Malware targets routers, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows

Several things has been found out so far.

Recently CIA lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal materials.including Malware, Trojans, weaponized zero days, remote control systems.

Several 100 million lines of code

This is a huge collection which is more than 100 million lines of codes.

Gives the attackers the entire hacking capacity of the C.I.A.

The Tools can hack into Android, iPhones, Chrome Web Browser, Smart phones, Smart TVs such as Samsung via Zero Days.

Smart TVs being used a spying bugs

After infection Weeping Angel places the target TV in a fake OFF mode.

So when the user thinks the TV is off the TV operates as a bug recording conversations sending the data without the user knowing it to a covert server.

Zero Day exploits

There are Zero Day exploits that can compromise Windows, Linux, Routers, Mac OS X.

It can evade existing Anti Virus and anti forensics software.

One CIA malware places itself in the Windows Recycle Bin.

Bypassing encryption on secure Apps

Further more it is revealed CIA can bypass encryption apps used by Whistle blowers and press

They can bypass the encryption used in secure texting apps revealed in the Vault 7 documents dump today by Wikileaks.

It includes apps such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Wiebo, Confide, Cloakman, Signal and other secure programs.

According to Snowden it might not be that CIA hacked the above mentioned apps but instead hacked iOS/Android which could even be a bigger problem.

If the security holes are left open and not being patched a potential black hat hacker could exploit the same holes as the CIA in iOS/Android.

The CIAs Mobile Devices Branch MDB uses several attacks remotely to hack popular smart phones via zero day vulnerabilities.

This permits the CIA to bypass the encryption on the smart phones and collecting audio, text traffic before encryption is being used.

It is the similar situation as having a thief inside your house stealing your valuables before it is being locked in a secure safe.

Leaked file described how to obscure its origin

One of the leaked malware marble framework showed how it could obscure its United States Government USG origins and look like it was being done from another country example Russia.

This puts focus on recent election result hacking claims being put on Russia.

CIA superior to the NSA

Early research indicate that the CIA has better and more sophisticated superior tools than the NSA.

This could even indicate some competition between the two agencies hackers.

Windows and popular Operating Systems being Targeted

Further more popular operating systems such as Microsoft Windows is being targeted by multiple local & remote powerful software zero days.

An example air gap spreading jumping viruses kno3n as Hammer Drill.

Most of the attacks are being run via the Automated Implant Branch AIB that can be deployed easily in automated infestation & control ofthe known CIA malware known as Assassin and Medusa.

Car Hacking since 2014

Indications show the CIA has great interest in vehicle remote control.

It could control your car since 2014 Car hacking.

It has just been revealed by the Wikileaks documents that the Central Intelligence Agency utilized car hacking of the control systems in modern cars to potentially carry out undetectable events.

European elections might be compromised

CIA targeting French political candidates leading up to the 2012 presidential election might have influenced the election result.

No information about the size of impact

We do not know who has been compromised, who is being targeted, who has their phone broken into, their recycle bin infected, who has a TV that is infected and been put in fake off mode when it is actually recording the conversations?

What can you do to protect your self?

What are some steps you can do to protect your self as a first line of defense?

1: First of all unplug embedded smart devices when you want privacy such as smart TVs and other devices.

When they disconnected from the power source

it might he harder for the recording to take place

2: On your laptop, smart devices that feature a microphone and or camera simple put a tape cover on them please see the popular picture below of Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook that has covered the Camera and Microphone on his laptop

3: If you have real sensitive data it is recommended to use a secure operating system such as a secure Linux or Tails that allowed to only run in memory and Wipe the memory after usage.

Snowden comment on leak

The whistle blower Snowden responsible for the NSA leaks earlier gave a comment on the new leak.

According to Snowden Twitter reply it is genuine release and is Evidence the United States US government is paying to keep software unsafe.

It shows the CIA USG developing vulnerabilities in American products and keeps them vulnerable and it is reckless beyond any words.