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Cloud Vulnerability Scanning Questions FAQ

Do you have a question for the Cloud Vulnerability Scanner service?

How to automatically scan your Public IPs

Find IP addresses for Vulnerabilities.

The Cloud Security Scanner gives many benefits in order to keep your software and site secure. When using the Cloud Security scanner there is no requirement to install any kind of software. All you need to get started is a login to the Cloud Penetrator Web Security Scanner.

Virtual Hosts Vhost Web Security Scanning

Once you have been connected to the Cloud Scanner you type in your websites, domain names, virtual hosts or IP addresses to scan. You can easily scan a single IP address that has 100 Virtual Hosts Vhosts running on it. Then the Cloud Scanner can actually threat it as 100 individual sites.

This way you are not just scanning one IP address but actually scanning the Vhosts as individual sites.

Find your sensitive data leaked in to Search Engine

You might have sensitive data being shared on your website without even knowing it and even worse it might be indexed and cached in popular search engines.

Other very popular attack vectors that is explained in detail is SQL Injection attacks, XSS Cross Site Scripting, File Inclusion attacks, Command Execution.

Run the similar attacks and checks on your own site in a secure manner to demonstrate if you have open vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

You can also check if you have already been compromised and had malware installed on your site. Find dangerous content and remove it.

Sign up to a free vulnerability scan in the right side menu.

Learn more about how you can scan your Public IP addresses.

You can choose between many profiles such as: Normal Scan, Extended Scan, Firewall Scan, Sans Top 20 Profiles and other compliance checks.


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