How important is WPS crack?

The importance of a WPS crack might not appeal to you until you are vulnerable and you need help.

Most people do not pay attention to some of these simple yet important instructions, and by the time they do, it can be too late.

WPS is simply one of the encryption methods that you can use to protect your wireless network from attack or from uninvited users.

As long as your wireless network is within range, anyone can access it especially if you leave the encryption open.

However, with WPS encryption, only those with the key will be able to gain access to it.

WPS is not exactly one of the strongest encryption protocols, especially when compared to WPA and WPA-2 therefore it makes more sense for you to boost your security with Portable Penetrator to ensure that you are in a good and secure network at all times.

Forgotten the password to your Wifi Network

Portable Penetrator protects you through different means, and one of these is through a WPS crack.

Say for example you have forgotten the password to your wireless network yet you need to gain access to it.

In most of the cases, you will be left without a viable alternative.

The reason for this is because a lot of people are not able to recover their passwords for lack of the required IT knowledge.

First of all setting a strong password means including alphanumeric and possibly other symbols.

Unless you have this written down somewhere, you might easily forget the password.

Portable Penetrator will however help you recover this password, and from there you will be in a good position to get back full usage of your network.

Real Proof of concept WPS Auditing on your network

A WPS crack is not just about your security, but it is also about how vulnerable you are.

Hackers can also attempt to circumvent your network by hacking your WPS encryption and from there you will be left open to anyone who cares to use your network.

Some can even lock you out of your network.

However, with a good security protocol like SecPoint’s Portable Penetrator, you really do not have so much to worry about because everything will be okay. 

Do WPS Testing with Portable Penetrator