How to crack a WiFi password with the Portable Penetrator?

There are different techniques to apply when doing a WiFi penetration test and cracking the password key.

First you find out which encryption is being used by the target network access point.

This can typically be WEP WPA WPA2 or WPS. In most cases it is likely WPA WPA2 or WPS.

WEP is an older encryption not used widely today

When you have spotted the network with the encryption you can use the different techniques for the cracking.

SecPoint Portable Penetrator software makes it easy to launch a Wifi Bomb, WPS Brute Force attack, Wordlist Language dictionary crack.

You can install on your existing Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 or Mac OS X laptop or desktop.

How to Crack WiFi Password WiFi Cracker Software

WiFi is an abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity. The term WiFi has become increasingly popular in today’s world.

The reason behind its sudden and rising popularity is that it makes internet usage inexpensive and the setup is easy.

A majority of electronic devices (that is laptops and PCs even mobiles and Tablets) have built-in wireless network cards, which make it easier to use the Internet. 

Benefits of Wireless Networking

People rely upon WiFi a lot because of the various benefits it has to offer:

Accessibility: WiFi networks help us access the internet at a much faster rate than conventional broadband connections.

No matter where you are, i-e indoors or outdoors, it requires just a few clicks to connect to a network. 

Productivity: This aspect is very important for those professionals who require continuous internet access due to their job’s nature.

Flexibility: Popularization of WiFi networks helps you access the internet easily and freely whether you are at a park or inside an airport.

Provided that there is Hotspot available.

Convenience: If we compare wireless network to other wired networks such as cable, then it becomes apparent that WiFi ensure convenience.

We don’t need excessive baggage of wires to carry around for using the internet. It is a simple, handy, and easy solution for users.

Inexpensive: Wireless technology definitely saves a lot of money since a lot of people can connect via a single Hotspot.

This prevents installment of too many systems and cables. Thus, it is a cost-effective option.

Cracking a WiFi network’s password

Enjoying free internet connection is everyone’s dream.

Today, we cannot move an inch without internet connection since in our modern lives, it is important to stay connected.

However, the possibility of losing connection when you need it most is highly likely.

WiFi may be beneficial but it is not as easy to use it anywhere due to the password restriction.

For using the wireless connection available at a Hotspot you will have to pay some amount to retrieve the password.

So, what if you don’t want to go the extra mile and hack the password?

In case you want to use any network available within your nearest vicinity then you need to hack the password.

This is not an impossible task at all. How to crack a WiFi password is certainly not a difficult question at all since it is possible using the various hacking software readily available.

Why go for Free WiFi?

 Let’s consider the advantages of free WiFi connection. 

a) Enjoy inexpensive WiFi connection 

Free networking wherever you go

Use internet at home, office or any place without the fear of losing connection

Uninterrupted connection especially when you need it most

How to Crack a WiFi password using WiFi Cracker app:

WiFi cracker is a password hacking software.

It can be used for attaining wireless network if a Hotspot is available.

The procedure of cracking WiFi password through this app is very user-friendly and simple.

Anyone with little to no knowledge about hacking can benefit from it.

The process is as follows:

1) Download the app for free from the website and install it on your PC.

2) Run the app and watch out for any updates available.

Update it before using it for hacking the password.

3) Insert the required information.

4) Click on Hack button and retrieve the password of the nearest WiFi network.