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RC Release Candidate Software Firmware

SecPoint is dedicated to giving valuable customers like you the latest technology in IT security together with specific customer requested features.
We accomplish this by constantly developing new Software Firmware release for the Protector, Penetrator and Portable Penetrator on a quarterly basis.
We read the service requests we receive very carefully and do our best to deliver your needs as fast as possible. We value your time and make sure that no second and opportunity is wasted.

Release Candidate Firmware improves stability

Based on the feedback from users on the Release Candidate firmware it can help to smooth out last minute bugs and prepare for a more stable firmware branches.
It is only recommended to deploy RC firmware on pre production systems or on non critical infrastructure.
Before we release a new version to the public, we test its performance by putting it through several Release Candidate RC states.

Submit your feedback to the RC before final release

Allow the programmers and engineers to get final feedback on bugs or suggestions before release.
Help give your feedback before the stable version is being released.
A Release Candidate (RC) refers to a stable version of a software firmware or service. Being an RC, a few minor updates may still be done on the software firmware.
That it why we recommend you to get the latest version to upgrade to our RC versions.
This can be done for all of the Protector, Penetrator and Portable Penetrator products by changing the update server form to and choosing the firmware upgrade.
If you encounter any problem at all with an RC version, you may always set the update server back to and downgrade to the last stable version that you were able to use conveniently.


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