SecPoint IT Security Network Resources 5th Edition

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SecPoint specialize in UTM firewall technology - Vulnerability Scanning - WIFI Security and Vulnerability assessment

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You can keep updated with the latest Protector UTM VPN Firmware Change log.

Penetrator Vulnerability scanner Firmware Change log

Easy guide to follow on how to secure your wireless network security.

Find out if you are using the vulnerable WPS technology on your WiFi Enabled router.

How to setup a plan to monitor your sites for common vulnerabilities regularly.

Learn more about on demand vulnerability scanning and how it can secure your network.

See the different Penetrator and Protector UTM Appliance models.

Learn more about the old and completely flawed WEP WiFi Encryption technology and why not to use it.

There is a constant battle for attackers to find vulnerabilities in WiFi networks.

Most businesses will have a WiFi router access point. Breaking in via the WiFi access point can sometimes allow the attacker to access the internal network bypassing the firewall easily.

Access Points can be running default configuration from the factory or not have applied the latest firmware just having it waiting for hackers to compromise it.

Which techniques do attackers use when compromising a WiFi encrypted access point?

And see what the cost is for vulnerability scanning software and appliances.

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