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SecPoint Certificates get certified in your IT Security Skills

It is recommended to have certification within the IT Security field.

To educate yourself and stay up to date on the latest IT Security related topics is a must for IT professionals working within the industry.

SecPoint Protector & Penetrator Product Certification

Includes for free
1 IP Penetrator Virtual License value 219$ 199Euro per certificate 

Get SecPoint Certified

This applies to end users, resellers and distributors.

The SecPoint Certification consists of different programs.

One program for IT Security Sales certification. This program consists of two days training with examination. The certificate will take the participant through the following areas:

UTM, Firewall, Wifi Security, Vulnerability Scanning.


SecPoint Certified Sales  ( SCS ) 

This certificate certifies the sales requirements and basic operating skill of the participant.

Such technologies for Firewall UTM Appliance:

Firewall, VPN, Content Filter, Intrusion Prevention, Web Filter, Wireless Intrusion Prevention,Microsoft Active Directory integration Advanced Anti Spam, Anti Virus.

The participant will learn the key factors and basic configuration.

For Vulnerability Scanning, understanding the profile scanning, certification scanning, basic configuration.

Can analyze the reporting and conduct correct scanning.


For technical we have 2 levels

SecPoint Certified Administrator ( SCA )
This is also recommended to sales staff since they will learn how to configure and install the products.

The participant will be able to learn the following technologies.

Firewall UTM Appliance

Vulnerability Scanning

Wifi Security

This certification duration is 2 days with examination.

Penetrator certification

This is the very technical certification on how to launch real exploits, brute force, exploit vulnerabilities, patch vulnerabilities.

The participant will be able to do both basic and very advanced configuration of the following technologies.

Firewall UTM Appliance

Vulnerability Scanning

Wifi Security

Launch of real exploits

This certification duration is 2 days with examination.

Penetrator Setup / Configuration
Penetrator Backup export
Vulnerability Scanning setup
Vulnerability Scanning Profiles
Vulnerability Scanning Advanced options
Vulnerability Scanning Template
Vulnerability Scanning Schedule
Vulnerability Scanning False positives
Vulnerability Scanning Statistics
Vulnerability Scanning History
Vulnerability Scanning Ticket System
Vulnerability Scanning Share Tickets optimize
WiFi Penetration Testing
WEP Pen testing
WPA Pen testing
WPA2 Pen testing different techniques
WPS Pen testing DoS
User Management
Cloud User Management
Distribution Master setup
Distribution Client setup
System configuration Report Branding
System configuration SSL certificates
Update configuration

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