SEO Check links do not correspond to a tag link text

Scan your site for incorrect configuration that can break search engine guide lines.
Hidden links can be a form that webmasters use to circumvent  rankings on sites or pages.
Since this technique do not follow the search engine guidelines it is recommended never to do that.
Poorly designed websites with bad code can try to trick users to click on links that has a different text that what corresponds to the link under it.
This can be used to get legitimate users tricked to click on what they think is a good site.
They can then be lured to get on a target site that for example contain malware, virus, Trojans.
In can cause ranking drop if not following search engine rules and for example use code to trick users to do something they are not intended on.
The overall quality ranking of the site can drop very fast. This can lead to the site getting out of top 10 rankings and might loose lots of orders and commercial traffic.

Follow Search Engine Guidelines

Search engines can identify those links and penalize the site.
Scan your entire site code easily for hidden links so to make sure that you do not use hidden links.
It is highly recommended to scan your site on a monthly basis to always make sure you do not break search engine guidelines.
The SEO Search Module Guide Lines scanner module can crawl your entire sites for policy violation or bad code that break guidelines.
If you are not sure if your website is correctly setup or optimized for SEO it is recommended to get a free scan to start with.
With the free vulnerability scan with SEO checks you can find out if you have crucial problems on your site that needs attention right away.