What is RoHS Weee?

SecPoint's Environmental Responsibility

SecPoint is constantly demonstrating its environmental awareness in the following ways:


The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) policy in Europe and Asia is an important step in halting the spread of dangerous chemicals into the environment.

Moreover, it improves the recycle ability of the appliance.

RoHS: EU Directive 2002/95/EU

The RoHS Directive limits the utilization of specific substances (cadmium,lead, chromium,mercury, , hexavalent , and two fire retardants—PBB and PBDE) in electrical & electronic hardware sold in the EU from starting July 1, 2006, and all SecPoint Products are completely agreeabl
Q: What is RoHS?

A: RoHS is the acronym used to allude to the EU Directive 2002/95/EC on the confinement of the utilization of specific dangerous substances in electrical equipment & electronic physical gear.

Q: Is the RoHS Directive just relevant to items sold into the European Union?

A: Yes, however different nations are drafting RoHS-sort enactment and SecPoint expects that comparative regulations might inevitably be embraced around the world.


WEEE: EU Directive 2002/96/EU

SecPoint is working in organization with our European Union (EU) dispersion accomplices to guarantee that our items are in compatible with the WEEE statutes, and that the recuperation of our item per the particular EU nation authoritative necessities is consistent for our item's end clients.

WEEE Notice

The WEEE image on your SecPoint hardware shows that it ought to be discarded by the end client in a way steady with obliged EU Directives, and the nearby transposition of the Directive at last client's ward.

The image is set per Annex IV of the Directive and as endorsed by CENELEC standard EN50419, dated December 7, 2004.

Q: What is WEEE and what does the WEEE image ("wheelie receptacle") on my machine mean?

A: WEEE is a general situated of prerequisites directed in the EU Directive 2002/96/EC.

This order commands that part EU nations sanction regulations overseeing the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

The mandate and its individual transpositions into particular nation laws and enactment are gone for the lessening of WEEE through reuse, recuperation, and reusing.

The WEEE image on SecPoint apparatuses implies that the item was put available after August 13, 2005, and must be dealt with as "new" WEEE.

All apparatuses put available before August 13 don't have the WEEE image and ought to be dealt with as "old" WEEE. Each EU nation's enactment commands that "old" and "new" WEEE be dealt with in an unexpected way, and particular necessities may fluctuate taking into account every nation's ordered enactment.

More data about the EU RoHS and WEEE mandate.

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