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Possible Short Term Solutions for a DDoS Attack?

If you're positive that you're being attacked using DDoS by some nefarious online outlaws or perhaps even script kiddies that have gotten hold of some high-tech yet user-friendly malware apps, then here's what you can do to protect yourself and your computer, network, or server.
First, make sure that you're being DDoS attacked by pinging websites, checking if your apps are offline, and everything in your site is inaccessible.
Second, keep in mind that an IP or Internet Protocol Address is what your ISP or Internet Service Provider uses to open a connection for you through their pipeline to the Worldwide Web.

DDoS IP address

Your IP is needed in order for the DDoS to be successful.
Usually, an IP address is assigned to you by your ISP after accepting your request to go online, connect to the Internet, and so forth, and it could be dynamic or static depending on your provider.
Subnet blocks are used to assign IP addresses to ISPs.
ISPs have a handful of numbers they could provide each of their clients, with each one being unique to that person.
If you want to stop communications from happening, you can't just block the attack thanks to the
distributed" aspect of DDoS.
Ergo, one of the best short-term solutions to a DDoS onslaught is to change your IP address.

Advanced DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks and its multitude of tiny packets, in order to be effective, should be concentrated on one address even though the onslaught itself comes from varying sources.
Basically, multiple IP addresses are ganging up on one IP address to ensure that its resources are sapped and it's rendered unusable.
Then again, it's important to remember that this only works in a short amount of time and particularly tenacious DDoS attackers will merely attempt to search for your new IP and go forth in attacking it.
A dynamic IP, nevertheless, is a great method of evading DDoS attacks as long as they're concentrated on your IP address and nothing else. 

Static IP DDoS

If you have a static IP, you're better off finding better and more permanent solutions.
Changing your dynamic IP can be as simple as accessing your router or modem's settings, spoofing your MAC address, and letting your IP reassign your new IP.
You may need to turn off your modem or router (you might even need to unplug it... don't just do a "warm" reset) then turn it back on again to update the changes.
This is also an effective method of evading bans by sites that have blocked your IP.
Take note that some ISPs has a TTL or Time to Live on your IP from eight to twenty-four hours, so check with your ISP before attempting to change your current IP. Protector UTM Firewall
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