Anti Spam Firewall

Sometimes, even filters and gateway-based spam blockers aren't enough to combat the ever-growing nuisance of unsolicited junk mail, which is otherwise known as spam.

Nearly everyone concurs about how big of a menace spam has become nowadays; it's probably one of the biggest problems on the Internet to date, right next to hackers and malware.

No matter how effective an Anti Spam security measure is, people's inbox, mail servers, and networks will be bombarded anyway by the ever-growing inundation of spam as well as the phishing scams and viruses that they help spread across different PCs around the globe.

Some studies allege that spam consists of an estimated

Seventy to ninety percent of all the messages an inbox or email account receives.

This never-ending stream of spam not only impacts user inboxes and congests networks; it also wastes precious assets and resources such as storage capacity and bandwidth.

In fact, the administration expenditures for dealing with spam and other unwanted messages are believed to reach as much as eight hundred million dollars per account annually.

Which translates to billions of dollars' worth of cost per year in lost production.

It's gotten so bad that you cannot rely on any one standalone Anti Spam solution anymore.

Thankfully, the Anti Spam firewall had been specifically developed

To combat this unsettling flood of spam that most ordinary, run-of-the-mill Anti Spam solutions couldn't handle.

This new innovation is best used in conjunction with your existing Anti Spam policy or security measure.

An Anti Spam firewall is basically a hosted email gateway program or appliance that uses a complete and complex spam and malware filtering system.

This half-firewall, half Anti Spam application ensures that all the messages arriving in your inbox, network, or mail server are always legitimate and completely virus-free.

Because it's more often than not positioned in front

Of your mail server in order to best protect it against nuisance junk mail or malicious malware attachments.

The typical Anti Spam firewall offers an Anti Spam solution that incorporates the very best of firewall security and Anti Virus protection schemes.

When it comes to providing all-inclusive email safety at the network perimeter level, the Anti Spam firewall is the system to beat.

Few defensive protocols and applications can safeguard your mailbox against unsolicited or potentially hazardous and expensive email before they can even reach your mail server or network like the Anti Spam firewall can.