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What is “Dumpster Diving”?

It may sound weird but try to imagine a hacker knowing so many things about you just by going over thoroughly through your trash bin for a certain length of time.

It will appear creepier once you combine this idea with the online crook’s knowledge about you, which he or she gathered through what has been posted about you on the web.

True, it is one of the most disturbing thoughts one can ever think about but this actually happens in reality.

Thus, there is a need for everyone to have in-depth comprehension regarding the so-called “Dumpster Diving”.

Dumpster diving refers to exploration of a systems trash bin for the purpose of finding details in order for a hacker to have a successful online assault.

The first step in pushing through with the attack on a social networking service is dumpster diving.

And, social engineering phase will come in afterwards and this is the time when the online users are led into a trap that lures them to disclose private data about themselves.

Real hackers dumpster diving technique

It has been discovered through recent reports that identity theft and other related crimes became extremely prevalent.

It turned out to be this way since the hackers know how they will gather relevant information like credit card invoices, statement of accounts, and other confidential information just by exploring one’s wastes.

These pieces of information are then combined with the pieces of information that an individual shares in his or her social networking site account.

Therefore, committing a crime surreptitiously turns into something as simple as counting 1-2-3.

All the online users must be reminded that they should be very cautious when talking about the element called as a “paper waste”.

Also, social networking websites are popular and will continue to become a trend in the coming years.

Hence, one should also be keen when it comes to what he or she discloses about himself or herself in these types of online services. 

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