Where can I find automatic WEP cracker Windows 10?

With Portable Penetrator you can run on Windows 10, 7 and easily crack WEP.

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WPA WPA2 and WPS recovery

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Automatic WEP Cracker (windows)

Wireless networking also known as WiFi is the new ongoing technology that everyone is fond and aware of these days.

Finding wifi networks throughout the cities is not a problem, from shopping malls to coffee shops each and every place has a wifi.

The world of smart phones and computers revolves around wifi technology as every new product released is equipped with a WiFi adapter and WiFi is a must have in the 21st century.

Securing a WiFi device

A wifi router can be secured using a password, these passwords can have alphabets and numbers.

There are 3 types of wifi security methods a person can use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) and Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).WEP was a weak security system and the Wi-Fi alliance found it vulnerable to the user.

Thus they introduced WPA and WPA2 systems to replace the weak WEP system.

WEP and its cracking/hacking

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a security algorithm used for protecting wireless networks. Its main aim was to provide data confidentially compared to a traditional wired network.

It can be recognized by a key of 10 to 26 hexadecimal digits.

WEP cracking was introduced by Adi sharma and Scott fluhrer in 2001 when they released a cryptanalysis of WEP that exploited the way RC4 ciphers and IV work in WEP system.

Which ended up bringing into this world the art of hacking or cracking wireless networks.

Even though Wi-Fi hacking is a crime and has strict punishments is many areas, still the habit of stealing others things and the urge of using the internet for free leads many people to indulge in this crime.

A router protected with a WEP key is considered to be an easy target by the hackers out there, as the weak security system can easily be hacked by many programs, and written scripts can also be used.

There are many software , programs and scripts available that a person can buy from the hackers that can give you access to any wifi router within seconds.

Hacking technology has reached its peaks and WEP systems are of no use anymore.

Hacking these systems is so fast and easy these days, people are even using automated programs or scripts which are specially engineered to hack the router within seconds, you just open the software or script and wait for it to do its work it searches for weak networks that it can crack itself and does the work for you while you sit on your chair and enjoy the free internet and network access.

Autocrack is a well known example of automatic WEP cracking, it is a script which can be used to hack into the router secured with WEP.

It does the work in seconds and shows the potential WEP users how weak and insecure the WEP system is now.

After the process completes the user gets a cracked key that he can use to access the network at anytime and the process is fully automatic. 

The hacking can not be stopped as the technology advances so does its uses and hacking is one of the most advanced uses of technology.

And WEP cracking can only be prevented by shifting to safer methods like WPA or WPA2 systems as the use of WEP is now harmful and outdated.