Crack WPA2 with WPS - WiFi protected setup

You can Recover the WPA WPA2 key by brute forcing the WPS if it is enabled on a router.

The attacker obtain the WPS PIN Code

The attacker can also get the WPA WPA2 key phrase afterwards.

This can lead to a full compromise of your WiFi network.

Easy to use software for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and 10 to Crack WPA2 passwords for pen testing. 

Cracking WPA2 with WPS

A WiFi router is the device which allows us to use the internet wirelessly anywhere inside our homes and office.

Not only home and offices actually everywhere, as the technology has advanced the use of wifi has increased dramatically.

Smart phones and laptops come equipped with wifi adapters in them which can catch the signals sent by a wifi router and gain access to the internet wirelessly.

It’s a very useful technology and as its used so much there is a high chance of security issues and thus a user should take pre cautions and encrypt his wifi router with a passphrase preventing unwanted usage to an extent.

Best Software to Crack WPA2 Passwords

See if the target WiFi Router can withstand real hacker attacks.
Methods of securing WiFi router with a password

There are 3 security methods a user can use to encrypt his WiFi network with a password.

The first one of them is Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is the oldest of them all which was introduced in 1999.

It was considered to be a weak way of securing the router as it could easily be hacked by using automated scripts designed to crack WEP keys with in seconds.

Thus a new method os securing the network was introduced in 2003 known as the WiFi Protected Access (WPA) which was considered to be a safer method.

It worked on a basic principle of setting up your passphrase between 8 to 63 characters.

But hackers didn’t spare this system and found ways of hacking these system aswell , software like WiFi Exploit and different automated scripts designed to crack these systems and generate the systems keyphrase.

Thus is 2004 came the most complex and the most reliable one of them all known as WiFi Protected Access 2 (WPA2).

These are 2 security protocols and security certification programs that are used to protect the WiFi router.
Cracking WPA2 with WPS

WPA2 passwords can easily be cracked by cracking the routers WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) which is a network security standard which allows users to protect their WiFi routers easily but it can be hacked by brute force attacks if the access points on the network don’t guard against the attack. As it comes enabled in all the recent models of WiFi routers it is of great risk for the user’s personal security.

Multiple techniques to Crack WPA2 Passwords

WPA2 passwords can be hacked by cracking the routers WPS pin and reconfiguring the security settings set by the user.

This can be done without any problems by using reavers.

Reavers take advantage of a WPS vulnerability, Reavers exploit this vulnerability by brute forcing the WPS pin which in return shows the WPA2 password after enough time.

An expert in linux is not required to do the work, all you need is some luck, a lot of time and patience. All the things can be done on the simple command line.
Requirements to setting up a reaver and hacking process

For setting up a Reaver you need a Linux backtrack os as it has many pentesting tools, a computer with an internal wireless card but all internals wireless cards don’t work so an external wireless card is recommended for this process.

The hacking process includes just a few steps, firstly you need to boot into the backtrack which can be done by dual booting or booting from a cd, then you need to install the Reaver by typing apt-get update and then apt-get install Reaver into the terminal as a command, the third step is collecting the information of the target WiFi router like the SSID of the route and then the cracking can be done by using different commands in the terminal.

And the only way of protecting your WPA2 password is to disable the WPS on you WiFi router.

WiFI Routers vulnerable to Crack WPA2 Attacks

Popular attacks for hackers to Crack WPA2 passwords involves capturing the WPA / WPA2 connection handshakes.

Other techniques includes DoS the main WiFi Access Point to clone it and putting up a fake one in order to conduct Man in the Middle Attacks.

They can also can deploy WPS Crack techniques where they perform PIN brute force attacks. 

WEP WPA2 Crack

There is a multitude of ways to crack through network protocols such as the often deprecated WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and the current WPA and WPA2 (WiFi Protected Access) standard.

By design, WEP is flawed; as such, it's one of the easiest encryption protocols to hack and crack ever made.

Even script kiddies (amateur hackers who use predefined scripts and readily made programs written by more competent crackers to conduct their hack attacks) are capable of cracking the WEP standard.

No matter how short, long, or disingenuous your WEP key is

It can and will be cracked, no exceptions.

That's just how flawed the WEP protocol is, which is why it's practically never used save for the most obsolete of WiFi networks.

In contrast, a WPA or WPA2 (the improved version of WPA) protocol has learned from WEP's notorious mistakes and is built from the ground up as a superior encryption approach that's a lot harder to crack.

A WPA or WPA2 key can be rendered impenetrable enough by simply applying basic key or password creation guidelines to help stop it from ever being cracked by any online outlaws (e.g., use both letters and numbers, use capital letters and small letters, and make the password as long as possible).

Ironically, the same things that make WPA superior to WEP are what make it easier to crack in a different context.

Although the WPA standard is not as flawed as WEP such that using an Airocrack program suite is all you'll ever need to bypass it, it is still a little more cracker-friendly because it allows offline cracking once a hacker captures the correct kind of packets.

Ergo, a hacker only needs to be near the access point for a few seconds to get what he needs to crack the system, thereby lowering his chances of being caught in the middle of doing a crack attempt.

More to the point, if you're a hacker attempting to crack through a WiFi network, you can use the WPA handshake as a way to crack through a WPA- or WPA2-secured wireless connection.

All you'll need to do is capture the full authentication handshake from an access point and the real client in order to start your cracking tasks undisturbed and right at the comfort of your own home.

It's a lot easier said than done, though, but a bit of packet injection should help ease matters.

You can even force an authentication handshake via a deauthentication attack, but you should only launch this if you're certain that the real client is already connected in order to determine which channel the WPA or WPA2 is sitting on.