Full Change log for the Multi Threaded TCP Port Scanner

Best Full TCP Port scanner For Windows / Linux that is Multi threaded and can scan 1-65535 full TCP Ports via normal connect or SYN Scan

You can run multiple threads at the same time for best performance.

Take advantage of the advanced TCP Full Port Scanner to scan any IP

Both neighborhood and open IP addresses for open ports.

You can scan single or C class ranges at high speed with the multi threaded options.

You can utilize the TCP Port scanner to output your open ip, neighborhood IPs and for instance your firewall.

It is recommended to often scan your local and public IP or local IP addresses for accessible ports.

Then you can configure correct firewall settings to block the open ports you do not want to have it open.

It is even recommended to do regular scans

Audit and find out if your security policy is still active.

Often human mistakes can allow to open up ports that should be firewalled off.

And now you can easily find out.

Perform full SYN scan that can detect stealth ports.

And do a regular normal connect scan.

It is possible to scan ports from 1-65535 TCP.

You can also scan the MAC address and identify the vendor of the target system network adapter.

You can scan both public and local IP addresses for open ports.

This way you can audit your firewall configuration to double check that the desired pots have been blocked

correctly by firewall policy.


Version 1.3 - 21 March 2011

## 1.3 added more default ports

Download Multi Threaded TCP Port Scanner 1.3


Version 1.2 - 17 March 2011

## 1.2 default port list is now not 1-1024, but is a list of frequently used ports; duplicates check

Download Multi Threaded TCP Port Scanner 1.2


Version 1.1 - 8 March 2011

 # ## 1.1 you could use not only port range, but single ports and port lists (check -p option)


Multi Threaded TCP Port Scanner 1.1


Version 1.0 - 3 March 2011

 # ## 1.0 initial release 

Multi Threaded TCP Port Scanner 1.0