NetBIOS Share Scanner

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The NetBIOS Shares Scanner.

Find out if you Laptop or Desktop computer have open NetBIOS shares.

This can be on Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X or on Linux.

It could be in your home network you share movies,files and pictures.

Having open shares widely accessible on the network can lead to loss of sensitive information.

It can result in exploits to be launched at vulnerable and outdated NetBIOS protocol running.

Another way is that attackers can plant illegal information such as copyrighted music and movies.

It is recommended to scan your local and public IP addresses for open NetBIOS shares and make sure it is blocked by firewall settings.

And make it only connectable by trusted users.

Between your computers in an easy way

Then when you go on a public network you forgot to password protect or firewall off the shares.

Resulting in your shares being wide open to the world

Now you can easily with the NetBIOS shares scanner, scan your own computer or your whole network for open shares.

You can scan both Local IPs and Public IPs. 

Version 1.0 includes 6 December 2011

- New training video.

- New easy examples and help.

- Minor improvements.

Download Free NetBIOS Share Scanner 1.0


Version 0.6 - 18 February 2011 


Changes for 0.6


 # ## 0.6 More friendly status codes

Download Free NetBIOS Share Scanner 0.6


Version 0.5 - 07 February 2011

Netbios Shares Scanner Version 0.5 Download

# ## 0.5 Added username/password option in command line to login to non-anonymous shares


Version 0.3 - 31 January 2011

Netbios Shares Scanner Version 0.3 Download

# ## 0.3 IP mask and range support (like or


Version 0.2 - 23 January 2011

Netbios Shares Scanner Version 0.2 Download

Change Log 

# ## 0.1 initial release

# ## 0.2 added Overview section to output