Free Top 15 WiFi Security Tips Videos

Secure your WiFi network and be protected from attacks by following 15 Easy Tips.

Tip 1; Always use encryption your wifi network and newer let it run unprotected.

Tip 2: Use a sophisticated SSID name with spaces, special characters in it. This can confuse some attacks.

Tip 3: Disable SSID broadcast. This can make it harder but not impossible for an attacker to obtain your Wifi SSID name.

Tip 4: Use MAC Address Filtering. This will only allow trusted computers with known MAC addresses to connect to the WiFi Network.

This will make a little harder for an attacker since they have to do MAC spoofing.

Tip 5: Never use WEP Encryption since it has been broken for many years and can easily be compromised by an attacker.

Tip 6: Never use WPA TKIP. It consist of known vulnerabilities and is vulnerable to attack.

Tip 7: It is recommended to set the Auto Key Change so the Key gets changed often.

Tip 8: Never use a dictionary password phrase. Common words  like: copenhagen, thunderball, sweden etc can easily be cracked.

Always use a sophisticated password with capital letters, special characters and minimum 10 characters or more.

Tip 9: Use a Firewall between your wifi zone and the rest of your network. So if an attacker compromises your WiFi network the attacker cant access the rest of your local network.

Tip 10: Always Filter the Router Web Interface making it only accessible by trusted IP addresses and not open to the Internet. If an attacker gets in your Router Web Interface the attacker can change anything.

Tip 11: Always use a VPN connections when at a remote location. So if you for example are in a coffee shop or

Airport and connecting back wirelessly to your office there is a big chance someone is interrupting your connection or sniffing your passwords.

Tip 12: A good idea is to lower the signal strength so it is harder for an intruder sitting in the parking lot to even access the wireless networks

Tip 13: Sweep your Wifi area and make sure ONLY the access points are showing that you have authorized. If you suddenly find a strong wireless network that you do not know about it can be a rogue access point.

The Rouge Access could be installed by an intruder to the location or simple by the cleaning personnel.

Tip 14: Always be cautious about using Public WiFi. Many times free open WiFi networks are not real networks but only honeypots or black hat rouge WiFi networks put there to trick you to connect.

It might even give you free Internet but in reality all traffic is being routed through it and being sniffed for sensitive content.

Tip 15: A good thing to do is to check your Bank Statements, Paypal, Moneybookers or other services you are using and make sure all amounts are correct.

If you suddenly find an unauthorized transaction you can report it to the bank or online service immediately to get it blocked. And it can be an indication and intruder have compromised your system.

Click below to see Videos that explain each point more in detail.

Wifi Security Tip 15 Often see your Bank Statements

Wifi Security Tip 14 USE VPN on Public Wifi

Wifi Security Tip 13 Scan for Rouge Access Points

Wifi Security Tip 12 Limit Signal Strength for Wifi Network

Wifi Security Tip 11 Always Use encrypted secure VPN encryption

Wifi Security Tip 10 User a Filter for Web Interface

Wifi Security Tip 9 Use A UTM VPN Firewall

Wifi Security Tip 8 Use strong passwords

Wifi Security Tip 7 Enable secure techniques such as Auto Change Key

Wifi Security Tip 6 Do not use outdated encryption like WPA TKIP

Wifi Security Tip 5 Never use old WEP broken encryption

Wifi Security Tip 4 Deploy MAC Filtering for improved security

Wifi Security Tip 3 Disable SSID Broadcast making it harder for attack

Wifi Security Tip 2 Use a Sophisticated with special characters SSID

Free Wifi Security Tip 1 Always Use strong Encryption