How Can I Manage Anti Spam & Anti Virus

You can easily login to the interface and enable disable the different antivirus vendors at your behest, which incidentally includes Eset and Open Source Clam AV.

You can also run all these applications at the same time if you so choose.

While it is possible for you to run an antivirus solution that's not endorsed by the SecPoint Protector, the UTM appliance still works best with products published by the three aforementioned vendors.

In fact, these software programs and the renowned SecPoint IT security hardware share a symbiotic relationship that reduces your online threat levels to nil.

As for your anti-spam solutions, you can easily configure the different features and settings on your Protector's intuitive software interface as well.

Solutions on the SecPoint Protector UTM Appliance?

You'll also have an easy time when it comes to managing the User Quarantine section since everything is self-explanatory and user-friendly.

Each user can login individually and manage their anti-spam configuration in accordance to their preferred customization.

What's more, the Protector is capable of doing full scans of mails that are both of the incoming and outgoing variety.

This allows for better and more detailed spam scanning. At any rate, when it comes to scanning for spam and viruses, you need topnotch software.

Luckily, the recommended antivirus programs that you can use and link with the Protector are all recognized as some of the best of the best IT security applications ever made. 

With that said, since the UTM appliance allows more leeway when it comes to picking your anti-spam programs and services, you should realize that no two anti-spam apps are alike just as no two computers and no two people are exactly the same.

You should treat your machine, workstation, network server, web host, and so forth on a case-by-case basis so that you can customize and personalize individual settings that are tailored to maximize the effectiveness of your IT security system.

Individual user controlled Mail Quarantine with Active Directory Support

The Individual user quarantine on the Protector UTM Firewall allows for fast management for users.

They can get a daily mail with list of spam mails.

If they want to release a mail from the spam quarantine they can easily login to the interface and release the mails.

It is also possible to learn it as not spam or the other way if a spam got passed by the advanced anti spam engine.

It is possible to learn it as spam so the learning engine can catch similar type next time.

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