Review of Portable Penetrator

It’s true that in our days the biggest volumes of messages that are trafficking in the internet are spam, while at the same time the dangers are increased.

SecPoint’s leading proposal which is here to solve these problems and has gained many international awards is the unified threat management PROTECTOR.

Protector has the ability with a unified platform to act and protect the network from any danger.

Absolute protection

Doesn’t matter which type of e-mail system the users are using, Protector within five minutes can protect the email server from viruses, worms and spam, before they entered into the network.

SecPoint has selected to use the awarded spam assassin, with rates bigger than 97% of catching spam.

At the same time the multiple methods that it has, can detect all protocols , providing real time bidirectional detection, so only the safe transmission of data passes through the network.

Powerful against hackers

Protector can secure every network from external attacks from hackers.

It can analyze all the data, it can locate suspicious behaviors from external network, included DoS and DDoS attacks, port scans and address scans.

Control of application

It is true that many administrators do not allow in their users to use the corporate infrastructure for personal use.

With the Content Filter that Protector has, administrators can control everything where the firewall can’t. Content Filter includes:

Anti-free mail that prevents the access in the official free suppliers of electronic posts as hotmail, yahoo, google, etc.
Anti-games that prevents the use of network for online gaming in the work hours. <
Instant message recording for msn. Anti-voip that blocks voip via skype, yahoo, google and etc.

Protector is suitable in all network environments that has 10-1000 or more users, while it is connected front or behind the corporate firewall.