Secus Magazine Portable Penetrator Review

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 Portable Penetrator Secus Review

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The netbook SecPoint Portable Penetrator
a great guardian of the network!


Security Architect - DMR Consulting
The company offers the Danish Secpoint netbook
Portable Penetrator to automate vulnerability testing
and penetration testing for both wired and wireless networks. 

Here is overview of the usefulness of this product in a company.

The Dell netbook comes with a USB wireless antenna and a high
flow to sweep effectively access points nearby. 

To be started Slackware uses the Portable Penetrator netbook operating system and does
not require any additional configuration except entering the password
for administrator account included in the toolkit paper.  

By offering this device will facilitate Secpoint With the life of the user by simplifying the process,  often
Netbook complex sale, implementation and test of intrusion vulnerability. 

The user interface of the Portable Penetrator is indeed
user friendly and ergonomic. The Portable Penetrator even links to tutorials like real screen YouTube videos. 

is within reach that all services are loaded, a browser Web opens and provides the administrative console
mice, even product. 

It remains only to audit security! 

The preparation of the audit is simple. These are the IP addresses or systems DNS servers to check and start monitoring. After the audit
is completed, The Portable Penetrator submit two reports: one without the solutions and the second with the solutions.
The database vulnerability tests are regularly updated and is a combination of different databases for vulnerabilities
known (SecurityFocus BugTraq and Mitre CVE). A status indicator allows also see the progress of the audit and version
the database used.

Another advantage is that it retains Portable Penetrator historical audits, reports in
PDF, and this, in the netbook. These are consist of a summary outlining the management
audit results. It is also possible to receive automatically reports via email.

Several vulnerabilities are discovered every day. It is therefore important to check whether systems are still
immune from attack. It is possible to do with the Portable PenetratorThis device provides a tool for scanning wireless networks
which can be a valuable ally to discover access points Foreign connected to the corporate network.
"With The Portable Penetrator of Secpoint You can check the security level wireless network operator in the organization
known vulnerabilities of the protocols. "

With this device, it is also possible to use brute force attacks (with several different dictionaries -
ent) on ZIP files on password protected files password, or on certain protocols, or
targeted attacks exploiting vulnerabilities in various platforms or telecommunications equipment.
The netbook Penetrator is a simple, complete in the specificity of audit activities. His only
weakness: the reporting and interface are in English, but can expect a French version in 2011 by
request. Secpoint will also offer reports of compli mité PCI and SOX in the coming months.

The format of this tool makes it the ideal companion security consultant who must perform audits on different
networks without losing time. Secpoint offers servers also monofunctional (appliances) power
remain on the network at any time and will soon as the Penetrator Server Appliances

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Yannick Lepage work as an architect integrator
and security architect for DMR Consulting.
He has over thirteen years computer experience
including six years as consultant and three as
network manager and systems. CISSP since 2007,
he specialized in security Technology information
and networking in Windows environments.
Good communicator, he worked Certified as an instructor
Microsoft, and also gives safety training IT CRIM.