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» 28 September 2009
Penetrator 7 provides total security to corporate users

Penetrator 7.0 provides total security to corporate users


Security specialists SecPoint have released their most advanced penetration testing system yet for corporate IT clients...


SecPoint's Penetrator 7.0 (http://www.secpoint.com/penetrator.html) guards against the most common attacks to large-scale businesses, including SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting.


SQL injection relies on poor checking of the information returned from web page requests. By using specific characters, it's possible for SQL commands to be passed back to the databases running a website. The technique is popular because if a hacker can interrogate the database sufficiently, he might be able to extract their customers' credit card numbers.


In August, US court documents showed hackers stole 130 million credit and debit card numbers from Heartland Payment Systems through vulnerabilities that a penetration test could have identified.


SecPoint CEO Victor Christiansenn says the first step anyone should take to secure their business is to do a risk assessment to identify threats and vulnerabilities to their IT infrastructure.


"With targeted attacks on the rise and web applications the focus of criminal gangs, testing your network with the Penetrator 7.0 will help any firm deal with the increasing threat of confidential data theft and ensure its security," he says.


SecPoint's Penetrator 7.0 helps identify SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting with its automatic crawl engine. Furthermore, it features 50 language dictionaries to crack WPA2 networks and stops 'war-driving', where hackers try to take advantage of a company's open wireless network.


For IT administrators on the move, there is the Portable Penetrator (http://www.secpoint.com/portable-penetrator.html) which comes pre-loaded on a laptop and offers vulnerability scanning and Wi-Fi Security Auditing of WEP, WPA and WPA2 networks. It quickly delivers PDF reports with recommended solutions on how to solve each vulnerability when it is connected to a corporate server system.


Both the Penetrator and portable Penetrator can scan multiple remote locations to deliver centralised reporting, so if a client has a head office in London and sub-offices in Hamburg and Dublin they can scan the internal networks in the sub offices and collect the completed reports in London without human interaction.


SecPoint’s Online Penetrator also allows clients to subscribe to the Secpoint cloud server and scan their corporate IP addresses for vulnerabilities remotely.


Penetrator 7.0 adds:

  • Dell collaboration;

  • Advanced SQL injection, cross site scripting identification via crawling engine;

  • Over 50 languages for Wi-Fi cracking/auditing;

  • New scanning techniques to find Web Application Firewalls.

You can see a video of SecPoint CEO Victor Christiannsen talking about Penetrator 7.0, here:


Get a free security scan and scan your web server for SQL and Cross Site Scripting: http://www.secpoint.com/free-security-scan.html


Notes to editors:


Europe's leading IT-security company SecPoint delivers specialized UTM, vulnerability management solutions with Grey listing, Web Filter and Content Filter.


Services include Intrusion Prevention, IT Security Penetration Testing and Wi-Fi Security auditing to businesses worldwide. Operating globally since 1999 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, SecPoint has been delivering high end security products to more than 600 customers across SecPoint Operations in the United States and Europe.


For further information, please contact:


Victor Christiansenn


Tel: +45-40 90 16 30



For the latest news follow SecPoint on: http://twitter.com/secpoint





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